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Welcome to vokohtz.org. Vokohtz is a combination of the names Vokoun and Kohtz, which share a few middle letters. Jamie and Craig will be Kohtzs, and Conner and Abby will be Vokouns, but together we are the Vokohtzs.

Archives for September 2009

Tonight was beer night. We brewed another batch of our American-Style Pale Ale ("Hitched" from our wedding), bottled a gallon so we could use Stuarts labels again, and put the rest in our keg. Once finished with that beer, we move on to the next one that was waiting in the primary fermentor. We siphoned the second one, "Bold Series California Style Imperial Pale" which I think will be VERY hoppy, into our secondary fermentor. That will rest a week or so until we get another keg to store it in.

We've also decided that we're going to need a few more kegs for backup. We'll have two in the fridge, but since they take about 5 weeks to age, we figure it would be best to have two as backup. Maybe that will be too much, who knows. But my guess is we'll go through beer a tad faster as it will be so easy to access.

We're also looking at a mid to late October kegger. The beer will need time to age, and I have a lot of work to go on the bar. Hopefully this weekend on Sunday I'll have some time to work on it. Saturday is Conner's birthday and the Husker football game. We're playing paintball, adults vs. 7th graders. Should be fun. :)

One last thing I just remembered, I went to home depot tonight and bought some nuts and bolts. I think someone tried to "fix" the door handle at one point, and instead screwed it all up. There are square holes where there should be round holes. Anyway, I made my own square nuts out of some aluminum I had lying around, and put the door pull on. It fits perfect. If anything, it's a bit too snug but that's far better then too loose. Hopefully it will loosen up a bit over time. Anyway, door handle is on and functioning better then it has in years.

By Craig Kohtz on September 14, 2009 - beer, fridge, keg | 0 Comments

Yesterday, I drove up to Columbus and helped my dad put our fridge back together. The new seal was a bit tricky as I had to 'weld' it together at the corners. Also, it took three attempts to get the door latch installed correctly (which meant removing the door panel 3 different times - a big pain). My arm is a bit itchy today from the new insulation we added that was in the door by the latch. All the chrome on the fridge cleaned up great too. Once put back together, we loaded the fridge into my truck.

After some scratches in the wall and some tense moments on the stairs, the fridge is now in our basement. Here are some pictures.

Norge Clock

Norge In Our Basement

The pictures however don't do the refrigerator justice. It looks awesome and I can't wait to put our first keg in it. Thanks Dad!

By Craig Kohtz on September 14, 2009 - norge, refrigerator, restoration | 0 Comments

I have to go to school. I don't like school. It's not like I don't think it is unimportant or anything like that. It is just that the teachers ore either crazy or really boring and drag on and on about the same thing. And that amount of homework. Do kids really need to do 40+ math problems to get the lesson in our brain? I don't think so.

By Conner Vokoun on September 8, 2009 | 0 Comments

Here is a picture of the refrigerator we bought and are restoring. We bought from someone in Omaha for $75, took it to the airport in Columbus and sanded it down, and then had my dad paint it (even though he wasn't too thrilled by the idea :). Thanks dad! Once we put it back together, we'll put it downstairs and make a kegerator out of it. We'll have two taps on the side that will serve our home brew. We also found a place in town, Rocket Fizz, that sells Coke, Dr. Pepper, BubbleUp, etc. in old bottles. They will also go in our retro kegerator.

Refrigerator Restoration Door

Thanks for the help dad! We'll be picking it up in two weeks.

By Craig Kohtz on September 3, 2009 - kegerator, beer, bar, projects | 0 Comments


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