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Welcome to vokohtz.org. Vokohtz is a combination of the names Vokoun and Kohtz, which share a few middle letters. Jamie and Craig will be Kohtzs, and Conner and Abby will be Vokouns, but together we are the Vokohtzs.

Archives for February 2011

Just a quick update about our Dr. appointment today. I've gained 9 pounds since our appointment last month, so I've gained a total of 16 pounds. For twins I should gain 45-50 pounds, so I'm right on track. We were able to hear both heartbeats which is a relief. I worry a lot since I can't feel them moving yet! When the doctor was finding the heartbeats we could hear the babies moving around. I'm so thankful that they are healthy. One heartbeat was 130 and one was 140. According to an old wives tale, if the heartbeat is 140 or less it's a boy. We'll see in 3 weeks!!

By Jamie Kohtz on February 28, 2011 | 0 Comments

We have completed 17 weeks of pregnancy! About 20 weeks to go. Almost halfway! We have another checkup on Monday, so we will let everyone know how that goes. No ultrasound until March 21....we can hardly stand it! I can't wait to find out the sexes. I keep having dreams that they are both boys. We'll see in about 3 weeks!

I'm feeling really good this week, however I am REALLY tired of this snow! Our new neighborhood is wonderful, but it is really far from everything. When it snows it takes twice as long to get anywhere, so I'm really looking forward to spring.

I went and talked to Abby's 7th grade science class about Microbiology on Thursday. It was a lot of fun! I had all of the kids sample their hands so I will go back on Tuesday to see what kind of bacteria are growing on the samples. Abby put a lot of pressure on me to be a "cool" mom, so hopefully I didn't disappoint. I'm not sure how cool a pregnant 37-year-old microbiologist is to a bunch of 7th graders.....but I did my best!

Craig had to take the weekend off from working on the basement. He has been lifting weights and he really messed up his back. He can barely walk today. Hopefully he will take my advice and go to a doctor if it doesn't get better.

I'm going to a baby shower for one of the neighbors tonight. She is having a girl in April. Another neighbor had a boy in December, and another had a girl in January. With our two babies that will be 5 babies born in about 7 months on our block. Crazy!!

Not much else going on at the Vokohtz house. Here is my 17 week picture. The babies are the size of onions this week!! I still can't feel them moving but they sure are growing!

By Jamie Kohtz on February 26, 2011 | 0 Comments

(Note: If you see a post from me about the basement, be sure to check the one before mine as Jamie may have made a post too.)

When our house was built, the builder envisioned a slightly different design for our basement then we did. They laid plumbing for a much larger bathroom on the North side of the room. It would have worked fine I'm sure, except we want to add a bar area. So everything had to be moved to the South side of the room, including the underground plumbing.

This weekend, I went to Home Depot and rented a Jackhammer. I had the plumber come out last week and show me where to dig. At about 9:30 am I started breaking up the floor. I was done with the jackhammer at 12:30 pm. Conner had the unfortunate duty of helping me remove the rubble. Here is a picture of the floor broken up into bits and pieces.

After we removed the rubble, it was time to dig the trench. The plumbing was pretty deep, probably around 2 feet. Good in that we have plenty of slope to put the toilet where we want, bad in that we had to dig and dig. Aside from about 45 minutes where I took the jackhammer back and got some McDonald's, we kept digging until about 5:00 pm. Things went pretty well except that at one point Conner abandoned me. He just quietly put down his shovel while I wasn't looking and tippy-toed out of the room. I gave him a chance to come back down (hoping he just took a bathroom break) but after 20 minutes I felt it was my duty to tell him how disappointed I was important it was that he help me. My guilt trip worked, and he was back downstairs helping until the trench was dug. I wanted to quit too, but it had to be done and his help was very much appreciated.

We eventually got it dug. I told Conner that every hour we spent downstairs digging probably saved us about $100 per hour. In total, we probably saved around $700 digging and trenching ourselves. I could probably save more if I did the actual plumbing myself, but dealing with pee and poop exiting the house is best left up the the experts, especially when you cover it back up with dirt, concrete, tile and carpet.

By Craig Kohtz on February 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

We are at week 16. That means we have about 21 weeks to go! In a few weeks I will be halfway done. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I'm not a huge fan of being pregnant. Of course, pregnancy is an amazing experience and it's incredible to have our children growing inside of me, but it sure is an uncomfortable miracle. I know that it's just a short time in the whole scheme of things, but sometimes I realize that I'm focusing on the pregnancy so much that I'm forgetting what the end result will be. I just want July to be here so that we can meet our babies!!

This week has been pretty uneventful. I had a horrible bout of illness last Sunday night. I'm not sure if it was something I ate or the flu, but it was miserable. I stayed home from work on Monday for fear that I was still sick, but by Monday afternoon I was feeling much better. Since them I've been feeling really good. I'm not as hungry as I was the first few months, but I'm still trying to eat as healthy as possible. I continue to get bigger each week, which is a good sign that the babies are growing and healthy!

We have another Dr. appointment in about a week on Monday February 28. It will be good to hear those heartbeats so that we know everything is okay. I've been having really weird dreams about the babies. They are always both boys in my dreams, and one of them is either psychotic or disfigured in some way! I must be worried about it or something. I can't wait until the next ultrasound on March 21 so that we can see that everything is okay and in the right place.

Here is the week 16 picture. The babies are the size of avocados this week! Check out my "bling" maternity jeans. Pretty awesome!!

By Jamie Kohtz on February 19, 2011 | 0 Comments

This weekend I plan on jack hammering the floor in the basement so we can move our plumbing around. I had a plumber in and he gave me an estimate. We also talked about the keg fridge for a while. The estimate is going to be a lot less then I though, but that's probably because I'll be tearing up and fixing the floor.

We also had the heating and air people in. They gave me an estimate as well, and also talked about the keg fridge for a while. The estimate they gave is also very reasonable. Both the plumbing and heating & air will be completed within the next couple weeks. Hopefully the framing will be done by then too.

After that is the electrical, then drywall, then paint, then doors, then trim, and finally carpet & tile. The bathroom may take a little work as well, as I'll be building the shower instead of installing one from the store. Things are moving along, slowly but surely.

By Craig Kohtz on February 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

Another basement update. My dad came down again and we finished up Abby's bathroom. Thanks again dad! You can kind of see it in the picture, although there is so much wood now that it's getting hard to distinguish the various rooms. You might notice the wall with the bathroom door seems to be sticking out a little too far. We plan on having a recessed wet bar area on the other side of Abby's bathroom wall, but I stopped building around that area until a plumber can come and take a look at it. I also didn't add the shower walls yet, but they are drawn on the floor.

Speaking of plumbing, I hope to have a plumber come out Monday to look at the basement to tell me what it will take to do what we want. Uhg. I was thinking of doing it myself, but I would hate to hook everything up and not have it work. A professional is best when to comes to sewage. I'll probably do the demolition (tearing up the concrete in the right spots), and I'll still do the shower, sinks and toilet, but that's easy. If it doesn't leak, it pretty much works. I'll also be calling a heating and air person this week, but I plan on giving the electrical a shot myself, with the supervision of my friend Josh. Fun!

Today, we also started on framing around some duct work. The hard part is done thanks to my dad's help, and I can finish the rest myself tomorrow.

Finally, I'm still thinking about adding some more windows. It's pretty expensive though, and we have a lot of expenses coming up. So... depending on much they will cost, we may have to forgo some natural light until a later date. Depending on the decision, I'll be able to finish framing around the rest of the basement foundation wall and them be mostly done.

Things are coming along, but there is still a ways to go and a lot of things to buy. Fun fun.

By Craig Kohtz on February 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

I just typed an entire blog post and when I went back to attach the picture it was gone. That will teach me not to save, save, save!

We are done with Week 15! About twenty-two weeks to go. It will be so nice in a few weeks when I can say that we are about half-way done!!

This week has been a little rough. I started having some sharp pain in my lower abdomen, and I hardly slept on Monday and Tuesday nights. I called the doctor on Wednesday, and they said it could be some contractions starting since I'm having twins. Yikes! It could also be growing pains. It has gotten better in the past few days. I've been taking it really easy and I will call again if it gets any worse. I really don't think it's contractions, but better safe than sorry.

We started buying diapers this week. A couple with twins told me that at first we will use 20 diapers every day. Holy smokes...that's 140 diapers every week!! We are going to buy a pack every time we go to the store from now on. We are starting with the Newborn size and will work our way up from there. Hopefully we won't need any of the Preemie size....we won't buy any of those until after they are born if we need them.

Abby and I went to the eye doctor last week. Abby got some contacts, and I got some glasses. I only need to wear them for driving and computer work. I was a hazard to others on the road....the glasses help tremendously!! Abby is doing really well with her contacts. She thought that glasses AND braces would be too much!!

I noticed that I'm wearing the same outfit in the week 15 picture as I was in the week 11 picture. I put both of them on here so you can see how much I've grown in 4 weeks. A LOT! The babies are the size of navel oranges this week! Not the gigantor jumbo oranges...just the normal sized ones.

And here is a picture I found that shows what the babies look like right now. It's just amazing!!

By Jamie Kohtz on February 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

Thought I'd give a quick basement update. I was going to do it last night, but we got our new Verizon iPhones in the mail so we had to set those up. Fun!

On Saturday my dad and I finished off the inside of the closet, framed around the window on the other side of the room, and added a wall with two doors that frames off Abby's bedroom.

Next up is the bathroom, which I'm still up in the air about as far as what it should look like and how big it should be. Now's the time to make a final decision. It's between a standard type bathroom, and one that is a bit more modern. The more modern one would probably be a little cheaper because I would build the vanity and there wouldn't be any shower doors. On the flip side, it would have less storage and be a little bigger. I'll try and post some pictures of the designs tonight.

By Craig Kohtz on February 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

It's week 14! We have about 23 weeks to go. I'm still feeling really good (just tired). I'm still getting up a lot at night, I'm still incredibly hungry most of the time, and I've started craving candy. I try to eat really healthy other than my candy craving, and I'm limiting myself to one candy bar/ candy snack per day. Today I had peanut M&M's. They were delicious. It's a bit worrisome, as I'm hiding food from my family. I'm sure that is some sign of addiction. I'm not too worried at this point.

Other than that, nothing new. Craig will be working on the basement this weekend. Jim and Jeanne will be coming tomorrow. I think I'll see if Jeanne wants to go to Kohl's. I'd like to check out their maternity clothes. Hopefully we will have lots of progress to report in the basement on Sunday!!

Here is Conner and Abby's first picture with their new siblings:

And here is my week 14 picture. The babies are as big as lemons this week!!

By Jamie Kohtz on February 4, 2011 | 0 Comments


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