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Welcome to vokohtz.org. Vokohtz is a combination of the names Vokoun and Kohtz, which share a few middle letters. Jamie and Craig will be Kohtzs, and Conner and Abby will be Vokouns, but together we are the Vokohtzs.

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Today I am 29 weeks pregnant! It's really getting close now, and I'm getting very excited. I can't wait for these babies to be born....they do need to stay in there a bit longer, but to think that we will be able to hold them in about 2 months is really something to look forward to! I wish I could just fast forward to July....but we still have some preparing to do.

I'm still feeling really good. My back problems have gotten a lot better in the past week. I've been seeing a physical therapist twice a week for 2 weeks, and I will go once this week and maybe a final visit next week. It's no fun having horrible back pain along with all of the other discomfort!

The babies are really on the move these days. I had forgotten how much ONE baby moves around, and it's really nuts with two of them in there! I'm constantly getting kicked in the ribs, the bladder....wherever they can wedge a foot or arm is fair game! Breathing and sleeping (two of my favorite things) are much more difficult these days, and with the weather warming up I'm starting to swell a little. I still can't complain. For a twin pregnancy I think I'm doing pretty well, but it's still pretty uncomfortable. I have Braxton Hicks contractions daily, but usually only one or two per day so it's nothing to worry about. I didn't have them at all with my other pregnancies, so it does freak me out a little bit!

Craig has been SO busy getting the basement finished! I hope he has some time to relax before the babies are born! He constantly amazes me with the things that he can do....it looks so great. Abby is very excited to have her room down there. It's going to be REALLY nice! I m' going to try to start slowly moving Craig out of his office. I can't lift anything, but I find that if I start packing something up, someone will always come finish it for me! It's a tactic that I can use to get things done. ;o)

I had another shower last weekend thrown by my high-school friends. It was really great, and we got some pack-and-plays and a baby monitor! I have another shower given by Craig's work friends on June 12, and I think yet another from our neighbors. We have such wonderful friends and family, and we really appreciate everything. We need all of the help we can get!!

This weekend my mom and sister are going to come help me do some things around the house. I would like to get some flowers planted, and also pick out some fabric for the crib skirts that my mom is making for us. My parents got us some cribs which we picked up this week, so I'm really excited to start working on the babies' room!

Here is a photo of me at week 29. I can't believe I will be 30 weeks pregnant soon...it seems like it's taken FOREVER to get here! I hope the next 7-8 weeks go really quickly. The babies probably weigh close to 3 lbs each now, and are each about 17 inches long. They are almost at their birth length, but have a lot of weight to gain. I have a Dr. appointment next Thursday, then another ultrasound June 6. After that I go every Monday until they are born!

By Jamie Kohtz on May 16, 2011 | 0 Comments

Well....it's week 27. Only about 2 months to go and I'm feeling it! This week I've been getting mixed comments. I've actually gotten a lot of "You look amazing for being pregnant with twins!" comments and also the "You look miserable" comments. I'll just take the "You look amazing" comments and ignore the rest. At this point, I might just tell people to shove it....they will forgive me. I can blame it on the hormones. ;o)

So it was a very busy weekend! Conner was confirmed at First Plymouth church on Saturday. We had a lot of family attend, and then we had a reception for him at Dan and Cori's house. It was the first time that Dan and I had all of our in-laws and parents and a few siblings together and I must say that it was very enjoyable! It was a lot of fun to see Dan's 4-year-old twins Reagan and Alex. It gives us an idea of what we are in for! We are all very proud of Conner and all of the work he has done. It was a very nice ceremony, and I'm glad everyone was there to celebrate with Conner and we all look forward to the next steps in his journey. He had a wonderful experience in confirmation this year.

On Sunday, Conner had his first fencing tournament! He was pretty nervous, and he didn't do so well in the preliminary rounds that determined the seeds for the tournament. So, he went in as the 11th (and last) seed. However, in his first match against the #6 seed, he did an amazing job and he won! Unfortunately in the next match he had to fence the 3rd seed and lost, but it was a very good match. He ended up in 8th place, but that was good enough for his very first fencing medal. He did a great job for his first tournament! Way to go Conner! The shot below is Conner lunging for a point.

I've been feeling pretty good considering my state. I don't sleep much, I'm uncomfortable most of the time, I've gained about 30 pounds....but these things are to be expected. I just keep thinking about the end result and it helps me ignore the discomfort. Well, until the last few days when my sacroiliac joint started acting up. That is the joint between my tail bone and hip bone. I could hardly walk today, so I called my OB doctor who referred me to a physical therapist. I feel a little better, and she gave me a bunch of stretches that I have to do every day. I'll go back to the PT three more times, and then we will see how I'm doing. Oh the joy!

On a good note....the drywall is going to be done today! Yahoo! I'm excited to start painting! We are getting closer. I have another baby shower this weekend, so Craig is going to have to move out of his office soon because it is literally being overrun with baby stuff! Hopefully I can get him kicked out soon. ;o) Love you, Craiggers!!

Well, here is my week 27 picture. The babies are about 15 inches long and weigh over 2 pounds each! So they will probably almost triple in size before they are born. What the heck am I going to look like then?? BABIES!!! We love them....I just want them to get as big as they need to. I'll gladly suffer. ;o)

By Jamie Kohtz on May 3, 2011 | 0 Comments


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