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Welcome to vokohtz.org. Vokohtz is a combination of the names Vokoun and Kohtz, which share a few middle letters. Jamie and Craig will be Kohtzs, and Conner and Abby will be Vokouns, but together we are the Vokohtzs.

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Wow. Been a long time. The last time I posted on this blog was over 2 years ago. Lots of stories. Lots of fun. Lots of frustration. So let me tell you about life with two toddlers and two teenagers.

Conner turns 18 next week. Boy, is that nuts. Having two toddlers again has really brought those memories of my first-born back full throttle. What an amazing kid Conner is and was. He has always been the logical one. The wise one...even when he was just a little boy. I remember him crying once because he killed a spider when he was about 4 or 5. His impulse was to kill it (it was in our apartment and he knew I would freak out!) but when he did it he felt so bad. That's Conner. As a mother, Conner has made me so proud. He is responsible, he is funny, he is smart, he is just amazing. It's so great to have a kid that you just know will be okay. I know he is a good person, and he has become an wonderful and caring adult. It's such a great feeling. I'm so happy that I'm his mom.

And next comes Abby. Abby is the most beautiful person I have ever seen...and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. She is gorgeous. I love the way that Abby is so comfortable with herself at the age of 16. I wish that I could have been more like her. She can get up on a stage with such ease and grace, and she can entertain a crowd without even trying. She is a natural. I used to worry about Abby. She has always had to change schools, change friends, and adapt. She has never been bothered by change and has always taken it with the grace that comes so naturally to her. But I know it was hard, and she has struggled to find her place. I know now that she has found that place, and I hope that her experiences have helped shape her into the confident and amazing woman that I am seeing her become. Abby has found her niche up on that stage, and she has the ability to bring me to tears with just a few notes or words. Abby is my shining star.

Fast-forward 13 years, and the next child to bless my life was Hadley Mae. From that first ultrasound Hadley was Baby A, and she remained in that position the entire pregnancy. I knew she would be the boss, and she has definitely lived up to that prediction! At the age of 3, I can see her confidence and beauty. She is definitely a daddy's girl, but I love seeing her strong personality shine through. I'm pretty sure that Hadley is a genius, as I'm fairly certain that most children cannot write their name at the age of 3 years and 2 months. Her favorite activity is doing "her work", which is writing her letters. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Hadley, my spunky, stubborn, smart, and beautiful little girl.

And last but definitely not least, is Benjamin. Benny is a true boy, except for his love of princesses of course. He is spontaneous to the point of being erratic, but has so much love in that little heart of his. There is nothing like hearing your little boy say, "I love you, Mommy!". Sometimes he breaks things, sometimes he spits, and sometimes he throws insane tantrums. But most of the time he is a snuggly, cuddly, sweet little boy. He loves puzzles, loves princesses, and loves his Mommy. I am very certain that he is just as intelligent as his twin sister, he just isn't as motivated to do "his work". He lets his sister do the work for him, and when you are a 3 year old boy, that's just fine. Ben is content just sitting back and letting Hadley run the show. But I have a feeling that he will find his own way of running things.

So there it is. My first blog post in several years. I'm going to try to get on here more often as I probably have a lot to say. Today, it's just being a proud mom. I'm so blessed with these wonderful kids. The next one won't be so mushy, I promise.

By Jamie Kohtz on September 19, 2014 | 0 Comments


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