Week 36

We have officially made it to week 36. This is great news for the babies (but not so great for me!!) Just kidding....I really can't complain. I am getting pretty large and uncomfortable, but I'm doing very well considering the situation. I'm still not retaining any water, and most of the weight I have gained is carried right in front of me! I'm still able to go to work part time (I will be completely done working next Tuesday July 12) and I'm still able to waddle around. I know that many women pregnant with twins have many more complications and problems, so I count my blessings every day that I've had a relatively easy pregnancy and we are soon going to have two healthy babies!

I am still going to the doctor every week. On Tuesday, they checked the babies on ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid, and then we did the 4th non-stress test. All is still well with both babies. I asked the doctor how long they would let me go if I don't go into labor, and he said 38 weeks is long enough with twins (at which point they will induce labor). That was very good to hear! That means that within the next two weeks we will have babies! They will check to see if I'm dilated at all next Monday, and hopefully we will know more at that time. I had to be induced with both Conner and Abby, so I'm pretty familiar with that process. I was really hoping to go into labor on my own this time, but maybe it's just not to be.

Craig and I finally decided on names, and we will let you all know after the babies are born. We need to keep one thing a secret! I am getting excited to tell everyone. We have everything ready....a swing, bouncy seat, two pack-and-plays, two cribs, two car seats, lots of blankets, clothes, etc. Bring it on!!

Conner and Abby have been in Minnesota with their dad and his family for the past week. They are having a really nice and relaxing time. I'm glad that they get to have a nice vacation before the chaos starts! I miss them a lot....they will come home on Sunday unless the babies decide to come before then.

No pictures this week....I haven't changed much. We will take a final photo before we go to the hospital, and then we get to start posting pictures of the babies! Everyone send good vibes our way...let's get this party started!

By Jamie Kohtz on July 7, 2011