Another Week?

Well we are working on the 38th week now....I never thought I would make it this far! I just have to keep in mind that every week that they stay in there the healthier they will be! I'm glad I didn't buy any preemie clothes or diapers. At this point we may not have preemie-sized babies! I've been posting a lot more lately....probably due to my boredom! Everyone tells me to enjoy the boredom, but I don't think anyone really understands how uncomfortable I am. I know I don't look huge for twins, but try strapping a 50 lb. weight to your front and walking around with it all day. It's tough!! Not to mention the havoc this is wreaking on my digestive system. It's hard to do anything at this point....even laying on the couch watching TV is a struggle. I can't wait until this is over and we have babies!!

We have the nursery almost completely ready! The cribs turned out so cute (thanks mom) and Craig and Conner put the dresser together this morning. I finally was able to put all of the baby clothes away! We commissioned a local artist to do some collages for the walls, and hopefully those will be ready in a few weeks. I have a bag packed for me and the babies, and Craig even has a bag ready. We just need these babies to decide to come out!

Well hopefully these are the last pregnant pictures I have to post on here and we can start posting pictures of actual babies! I go to the doctor again on Monday, and hopefully I've started to dilate so that they can induce labor. I am preparing myself to consider a c-section if I'm not showing any signs....I'm really not sure if I can take being pregnant for another week. At least Conner and Abby have been here to keep me company lately. They have been good helpers (servants) lately! Here are pictures of everyone!

By Jamie Kohtz on July 16, 2011