Happy 40th Birthday, Craiggers!

Well with the New Year brings another milestone for the Vokohtz family....Craig's 40th birthday! We celebrated the big 4-Oh on Saturday, January 7 with all of his friends and family. I surprised him with a party at our neighborhood restaurant, Toast. Somehow, I actually managed to keep it a secret and I think he really was surprised! I told him that we were meeting our neighbors Katie and Drew for a few drinks to get him to the restaurant. It was a lot of fun...I think about 50 of our friends and family were there! Afterward we went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (Dish) with some of our favorite friends (Doug and Marci). It was a really good day. We even got to stay at a hotel so that we could sleep in, thanks to my mom and dad who stayed with Ben and Hadley.

I thought I was ready for a night away, but I got really emotional this morning and I kept crying! I really missed the babies. I was glad to get home.

Here are a few pictures from the birthday festivities.

Conner was celebrating!

So was Abby.

There were plenty of grandmas to hold the babies!

So many friends with so many babies!

Craig with our friends Doug and Marci.

Daddy and Hadley, with her strange wig on. She looks like a little doll!

By Jamie Kohtz on January 8, 2012