What a week!!

Wow...this has been a wild and crazy week! So much happened this week....I don't even know if I can remember everything. Last Sunday seems like it was SO long ago. This will probably be a long blog post, so bear with me!

We will start with Monday. It was the babies first day at daycare. Craig, Conner, Abby and I all went to the daycare at 7:15am to drop off the twins. I had lost a lot of sleep the previous week worrying about how I was going to carry them into daycare at the same time. They are getting too heavy to lug around in their infant carriers, but I can't carry both of them for fear I would drop them. For the first few days I lugged them in their carriers. It was hard. They did really well their first day, and the daycare teachers (Miss Katrina and Miss Karen) loved them!

Day 2. I took them by myself that day, and lugged them in their carriers again. It was still hard. Craig left for his business trip to Las Vegas, so I was solo that evening. They did well at daycare again, and we got home, ate some sweet potatoes, took baths and they were in bed asleep by 7:30. They slept until 5am and had bottles, and then they slept until I woke them at 6:45 to get ready for daycare. What a breeze! I could do this by myself easy-peasy! At least that's what I thought......

Day 3. We got to daycare okay, and this time I used our new Jeep Double Umbrella Stroller to wheel them in to daycare. So much easier! That will be our new system. I have to bundle them up a little more, but it works really slick. Well worth the $95 for the stroller. We had a good evening as well. Then came the night. I was up with various babies (I can't recall which at each timepoint) at 11:30, 1:30 until 3:30, then at 4. It was nuts and I was completely exhausted when my alarm went off at 5:30.

Day 4. I'm pooped. Daycare went fine again, and our evening went okay, but I'm starting to feel the stress. Mealtime is stressful....I would sit in between their high-chairs and alternate giving each baby a bite. The baby that wasn't getting the bite would cry for more, and then Hadley would usually end up so mad that she wouldn't eat at all. Bathtime was stressful as well. I sat one baby in a high chair while I bathed the other one. They went to bed fine, but I decided that I was going to find a friend to help me out on Friday night. I was exhausted. Hadley was up for several hours again that night. I had no idea what was wrong with her. She just cried and cried. I think I may have cried a little too out of sheer exhaustion!

Day 5. It's Friday! TGIF! Daddy finally comes home today....probably not until midnight but we are excited! By this time I was a pro at getting them in and out of daycare. They did so well for their first week! Hadley had 3 blowouts, but other than that it went very well. My friend Lori came over to help me get them fed and to bed, and I was SO appreciative of her help! Having another person makes it seem so much easier. We got them to bed by 7:15, and I went to bed at 9. Craig got home around midnight. He was very excited to see the babies, and he got to see them a lot that night! I think he finally got to bed around 4am at which time I took over. Hadley was up ALL night long! I was starting to fear that all of the sleep training was ruined. What was wrong with her?

Well the next morning we found out what was wrong with Miss Hadley. A new tooth! She had one tooth that had cut through, and another one almost ready to break the skin. Poor baby! We were glad to know there was a reason for her insomnia. No teeth yet for Benny. I think he is going to live his life being bossed and tormented by his sister. But he is so easy going, I don't think he will care! We checked to make sure he didn't have any teeth....he is such an easy baby he probably won't even fuss when his first tooth comes in.

And then to top it all off, this morning Benjamin woke up with a fever of 101.5! The poor little guy has a cold. He probably caught it from me...I was home sick the week before. They both had stuffy noses all week (on top of everything else) and now he has the fever. We will see what happens in the morning...I might have to stay home with him if he still has a temp.

Whew! What a week. I'm glad we all survived! Craig had a good time in Vegas....he has lots of stories about the debauchery that took place. Of course Craig wasn't involved, but there were stories of public urination, jail time, puking in trash cans, and getting kicked out of hotels. It was even alleged that some of Craig's co-workers (not the Lincoln ones) caused $4000 damage to their hotel room and there were pools of blood on the floor! Craig will have to verify that information.

And one last bit of information.....I got a new job! It's still with Pfizer, but I got a position in the Quality Assurance group as a Compliance Associate. My current job is supervising the microbiology Quality Control laboratory, where the vaccines are tested before they can be released. For my new job I will be working with the group that produces bacterial antigens. I will make sure that they follow all of the regulations required to produce vaccines, and I will be the person who releases the products. I start on March 16, and I have a lot to finish up with my current job before then. I'll be really busy!!

And here are some pictures from the week. Hadley's new tooth is still to little to see, but hopefully we can get her to show it off in a few weeks.

Benjamin in his big boy car seat! This will go in daddy's truck.

Hadley and Ben love their Jump-a-Roo!!

Hadley LOVES Bowie! He loves the babies too and it really good with them.

Little Hadley. If you look closely she has dog hair stuck to her face from kissing Bowie!

Ben is such a little teddy bear. I just want to hug him!

By Jamie Kohtz on January 29, 2012