Hello February!

Another busy week for the Vokohtz family! Benjamin started off the week with a cold and a fever. Craig stayed home with him on Monday. I stayed home with both of them on Tuesday (Hadley started running a fever also). I noticed that Ben would scream if I touched his right ear, so I took him to the doctor to get it checked out. Sure enough, he had an ear infection. We started him on an antibiotic, and he is feeling much better now. On Wednesday they were feeling better, and they had their 6 month checkups (yes, back to the doctor again). Benny weighs 16.5 lbs and Hadley weighs 14 lbs. He is such a Bubba! They had to get vaccinations, and I got a call from daycare that Ben was running a fever that afternoon so I had to pick him up. I'm sure that it was because of the shots, but rules are rules. Thursday we were finally all well, and Craig and I both got a full day of work in. Whew! Another crazy week.

Hadley's second little tooth came in on Wednesday. Those suckers are razor sharp....I sure hope Benny doesn't fall victim to her bites! She is such a little stinker. She still hates to nap, but we are used to fighting through it now. She always screams and if I bounce her in my arms she falls asleep. Ben is so easy....he just lays in his crib and falls asleep on his own. At least one of them is low maintenance.

We are introducing new foods to them about every 3-4 days. So far they love carrots, they like butternut squash and sweet potatoes, and they hate broccoli. The last three days have been broccoli days, and they haven't eaten much at all. Ben will eat anything but he was gagging a little on that broccoli. I really can't say I blame them. I love broccoli, but it's a little strange in liquid form. Tonight they get mashed potatoes, so hopefully it's a meal they will like.

We got a bunch of snow this weekend. It's funny....my weekend was pretty much the same as always....I probably wouldn't have gotten out at all if it was 50 degrees outside! Sad but true. I'm really looking forward to warm weather so that we can go for walks in the stroller again. I'm getting a little stir crazy. Luckily Conner and Abby were here to keep us company this week. Craig has been busy working on a closet down in the basement, so Conner and Abby are always a big help! I'm sure Craig will post some pictures when he gets it finished. It's a closet under the staircase where we will put our games and a filing cabinet. It is really nice!

One other highlight of this week...our pediatrician told me to start trying a little dairy to see if the babies can tolerate it. Over the weekend I had a tiny wedge of frozen pizza, some naan bread with butter, and a little bit of sour cream in my chili. They seem to be handling it very well! It's promising. I'll still follow the diet for the most part, but it's nice to know I can have a slice of pizza or a little butter without bothering the babies. I'm about 10 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight, so I don't want to chow down on a bunch of cheese and balloon! It sure is nice fitting into all of my clothes!

Here are some pictures from this week. I just can't believe how fast the babies are changing. It really is amazing. They are just delightful!

Conner and Benjamin taking a nap together. What a good big brother!

Trekkie babies! Ensign Benny, leave Ensign Hadleys bow alone!

Our view of the snow (and Bowie)

The babies have taken over our house. See for yourself.

Another picture of our little Trekkies. Beam me up, Benny!

By Jamie Kohtz on February 5, 2012