Is it spring yet?

Happy February 19th from the Vokohtz family! The twins will be 7 months old tomorrow. It's hard to believe that they will be a year old in 5 months. Time is flying! It's both good and bad. I'm very glad that we have been keeping up with this blog. It will be fun for the twins to be able to look back on this when they are older. It's a virtual baby book!

We were all healthy for a few weeks, but we got a call from daycare on Friday that Hadley was running a fever again. She was not herself all weekend. Our daycare said that they knew something was wrong with her when she went to sleep without crying and throwing a fit. Oh Hadley! She was pretty lethargic all weekend. She was still running a fever before bed, so we might be making another trip to the doctor tomorrow. I think 4 days with a fever is worth a visit to see if she has something else wrong. I think she might be getting another tooth. They say it is an old wives tale, but I really believe that they run fevers when they are teething. Benny is feeling good and he doesn't have any teeth yet. I'm sure he will soon!

Benny is such a good eater. He will eat pretty much anything we try to give him....even if it makes him gag! Tonight he had squash and green beans. Hadley is much more picky. She wouldn't eat any of her squash. I knew she wouldn't eat green beans so we tried some prunes. She had a few bites and was done with that too. Ben usually eats her leftovers. She usually eats a little better than she has been. I'm sure it's because she isn't feeling well. She seems to love pears and carrots the most so far. She was eating so many carrots I was afraid she would turn orange!

Not much else to report. We are ready for some nice weather....I can't wait to get out for walks with the babies and Bowie. Abby is in Arizona right now with her dad at a horse show. She said it's really nice there! She comes back to the cold tomorrow. Conner stayed here....he isn't interested in horse shows.

We are anxiously awaiting the birth of our new niece on March 1 when Haley and Thomas will be welcoming their baby girl into the world. Conner, Abby, Ben and Hadley are excited to meet their new little Swiss cousin. Also, Craig and I are going to be the Godparents! We are thrilled about all of it....and we can't wait until we get to meet her in July. We are excited to see Haley and Thomas also!

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. I think Ben said "dada" today. He doesn't know what he was saying, but it sure was cute!!

Benny food face!

This is just funny. PHOTOBOMBER!

Ben loves the iPad!

I think Hadley might actually eat her hand. At least she will be eating something.

You can see her little teeth! She wasn't crying....just screaming.

Hadley was very happy...as long as she was sitting in the laundry basket. Whatever it takes.

Playing in Hadley's crib. Naked babies!!

By Jamie Kohtz on February 19, 2012