Sunny Days!

Hello all! We have finally crawled out of the hole of illness that we have been living in for the past month or so. Last weekend we took Benny to the doctor, and due to his low blood oxygen we started on breathing treatments. On Monday, he went to the doctor again and they put him on an antibiotic for a possible sinus infection. Craig was diagnosed with an ear infection which is getting better and I finally feel human again after several weeks battling my sinus infection. Somewhere along the way Conner and Abby both missed some school due to various illnesses. Whew! Hopefully we all stay healthy for a while.

We have really been enjoying the nice weather here for the past few weeks. Today it was about 80 degrees with no wind. We took the babies for a walk and enjoyed the sunshine! I think some fresh air helps all of us feel better. It's so nice for the babies to get out of the house and experience some nature!

Hadley is her busy little self, and she started crawling and standing up this week. I think our days are numbered before she starts walking. She is one determined little girl! Benjamin might not be far behind....the past few days he has been getting up on his hands and trying to get into crawling position. We have some baby-proofing to do! We have a baby gate up so that they can't fall down the stairs, and we are trying to remember to keep the bathroom door closed. We just need a few cabinet locks and we should be good to go.

One more milestone that I am very excited about is that we have switched both babies over to formula (which means I can stop pumping soon)! We have enough frozen breast milk so that we can mix the bottles 50/50 and that should get them through until they are a year old. I started eating dairy products again a few months ago and it hasn't bothered them a bit, so we went with a milk-based formula (which is cheaper than the alternative). I am very happy that they had breast milk for 8 months, which is a pretty big accomplishment for twins! I'm very ready to quit and I'm hoping that in a week or two I'll be completely done. I'm taking it slow to ease the discomfort. They even slept all night long last night....from 7:30pm to 6:30 am! Hopefully that continues....I would be SO thrilled to get a few solid nights of sleep.

Both babies are doing great with their baby food and they will eat pretty much anything these days....even Hadley! They usually have cereal and fruit or vegetables for every meal, and today they had yogurt for the first time. They both really like it! Hadley loves anything with apples in it, and Benjamin just loves food in general. We have been trying to give them Cheerios and cut up bananas, but Hadley immediately throws everything on the floor. Benny picks them up and gets them in his mouth, but gags on anything that isn't pureed. We will keep trying!

Here are a few pictures from the past week. They are getting to be SO much fun! We are so very blessed to have these perfect little babies.

Benny is such a happy little guy!

So pretty. Love those little teeth!

Ben and Hadley love each other (most of the time)!

I looked over and saw this happening yesterday. Little stinker!

Ben is such a little cutie. Love him!

Every kid loves a box.

Our little rock star.

By Jamie Kohtz on March 25, 2012